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Interview preparation guide for SDEs and FEEs

Amazon’s Leadership Principles blurb on


  • LP is shorthand for Leadership Principle.
  • SDE is shorthand for Software Development Engineer, which typically refers to back end engineers within Amazon.
  • FEE is shorthand for Front End Engineer, which typically refers to full stack and/or dev-ops engineers within Amazon.
  • L1, L2, and L3 are shorthand for level 1, level 2, and level 3. Juniors are level 1: SDE1 and…

Run yarn build
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When the getsentry/action-release GitHub action fails with “No commits found. Change commits range, initial depth or use — ignore-empty to allow empty patch sets.”

Error: Command failed: /action-release/dist/sentry-cli releases set-commits *** --auto
error: No commits found. Change commits range, initial depth or use --ignore-empty to allow empty patch sets.
Add --log-level=[info|debug] or export SENTRY_LOG_LEVEL=[info|debug] to see more output.
Please attach the full debug log to all bug reports.

query GetSomething($somethingId: UUID!) {
something(somethingId: $somethingId) {
things {
import type {MockedResponse} from '@apollo/client/testing';
import {MockedProvider} from '@apollo/client/testing';
import {act, render} from '@testing-library/react';
import type {PropsWithChildren, ReactElement} from 'react';
import {Component} from './component';
import {GetSomethingDocument, GetSomethingQuery} from './generated';
const TEST_GET_SOMETHING_QUERY: GetSomethingQuery = {
something: {
id: 'something-id'…


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A tutorial for the top task and ticket template

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