I am not sure that you read my response, Igor. ReactN does not require you use Hooks; it merely offers them. As I stated in my last reply, ReactN also offers higher-order components, the same as Redux offers, for anyone who is interested in maintaining pure components. Example code for this was provided in my last reply.

All hooks by design makes components impure. If you have an issue with React hooks, you may want to discuss it in the official RFC. This article is not about the pros and cons of hooks or how hooks are the optimal implementation of global state. It is about how hooks are an available implementation of global state.

The ReactN package offers the user the freedom to use whichever design choices they find appropriate for their project, the same way the React package itself offers that same freedom. If functional purity is important to you, you are absolutely free to use HOCs.

Senior front end engineer / charlesstover.com

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