It very intentionally has less functionality in order to have less code. According to extensive community feedback, that functionality is not desired in most projects — specifically small or personal projects. Developers are upset with how much boilerplate is required to support features that they don’t care to implement in the first place just to harness the few features about which they do care. ReactN is meant to be analogous to local state in React. It is not powerful or extensive, but it is intuitive, easy to implement, and easy to maintain.

It is not a “Redux-killer,” because it will never have all the functionality that Redux has. That functionality has a very real requirement of boilerplate. Developers should use whichever state management solution supports their end goal. ReactN acts as an alternative to Redux for end goals that are not as all-inclusive. You save time and have easier to maintain code as a result, but you end up with baked chicken instead of filet mignon. Oftentimes, that is a very appealing trade off.

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