The same reason there is to use any package — to not have to create that logic yourself. All packages are simply bundles of logic that vanilla JavaScript itself supports. By harnessing community-driven and community-tested and group effort packages, you save time, effort, and avoid bugs that wouldn’t otherwise by considered.

Redux offers flux architecture. ReactN offers multiple integration options, including choices for class components. While state from classes has been migrated to hooks, there are still features of classes that cannot yet be migrated to functional components. Some of your components may benefit from global hooks, while some of your components may want to remain pure and benefit from HOCs. You could write a decorator, a super class, a HOC, and a global hook, or you could just change one character in your imports.

There’s no wrong answer for what you use. Every project has different goals. Use whatever you are comfortable with. If it’s not saving you time and effort to use ReactN, then you shouldn’t use it.

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